Creating a Killer Pitch!

Sidd Ahmed
2 min readApr 10, 2022

The goal of your Elevator Pitch is to convey your message in 60 seconds or less. But first, let’s have a look at what an Elevator Pitch means?

The Elevator Pitch is a brief summary of your business designed to quickly with the key elements of your business to investors and gets them interested.

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A Great Formula :
Comparing yourself to another successful venture.
One way to concisely explain your business to others is to compare it to another successful business they know and to show how you are different.

Simple elevator pitch template :
Answer the following questions :
1- What does your company do?
2- Who are your consumers?
3- What key benefits do you offer to your consumers?
4- Why is your company better than competitors?
5- What information gives your form credibility?
6- Is there a clear and clean business sector that your company fits in?

Write down your elevator pitch and practice delivering it. The more you practice it, the easier you can recite it in 60 seconds and make it sound more natural. Practice will make it perfect.
“There is only one first impression, Make it worth it”

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Tip: You can use these techniques in any niche, whether it is getting clients, in an interview, etc.



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