Daily Habits for Success

A constant hustle, non-stop calls, endless meetings, and a schedule filled to the brim seem like the “perfect” formula to success. More hustling has to have more payoff, right? So it came as a surprise when I found that the real pillar of success is stemmed from a continuous and progressive cycle of habits. Habits that seem simple and superfluous, but are, evidently, effective.


Reading is, quite ironically, one of the most overlooked habits, yet it is the most common practice all successful people cultivate, maybe except Brian Krzanich. It is an essential habit that invigorates the mind and opens you up to new visions and different perspectives. It is also a great way to learn about different people, their visions, their mistakes, and learn from them.


There cannot be enough emphasis on the fact that health is one of our greatest assets. Being ill or out of sorts can make you lose focus of the task at hand and decrease your sense of clarity. It is also one of the reasons that successful people prioritize their health above all else. Leaders are always the source of motivation and enthusiasm to their team, and being in the best of physical and mental state is one of the criteria to maintain it as thus. Some of the common ways to maintain your physical health are running and jogging, and for mental health, most prefer meditation. Or you could combine both and have an invigorating power yoga session.


It’s almost a common offense, to believe being productive and being busy are the same. The opposite in fact, true. Successful people target and tackle the task with the most value than just handle a larger number of tasks. This is one of the reasons they seem to be able to “do so much while doing so little”. They value their time fiercely and thus spend it on increasing their productivity quotient.


Seemingly unnecessary, self-reflection is a strong habit that sets successful people apart. As important as it is to take time and plan out your schedule, it is also equally important to take time and go over the activities and decisions you’ve taken throughout the day. Reflecting on yourself forces you to become aware of the decisions you’ve taken, and helps you rectify hidden mistakes, personally and professionally.


Starting off on a path without a destination or a plan to get there, is as good as getting lost. The same applies to your life. Planning your schedule ahead of time and setting daily goals, doesn’t just give you clarity, it also helps to maximize productivity throughout the day. Setting 1-to-3 goals on a daily basis, and reaching them, sets you on a progressive path to achieve the bigger goal in the picture.


A habit I practice religiously, and endorse with complete conviction, is gratitude. It is a personality trait that has been passed down from time eternal, and history is witness to the fact of the strength it possesses. I have made it a daily habit to have a small diary specifically for writing down things I’m constantly grateful for. When you inculcate this habit, you will quickly realize that you will run out of diaries, but never out of things to be grateful for.

One of the main reasons why these habits, simple as they are, are very challenging is due to the fact that they need to be practiced consistently. Consistency is the prime key to maximize the benefits of these daily habits.

If these seem overwhelming to you, start off slow. Take it slow, but remain consistent. Engage in these practices for at least 10 minutes each, on an everyday basis, and build up from there to your optimal activity level. You will notice the difference in your levels of concentration and motivation; also your productivity levels will be at an all-time high.