Developing Life Skills through Sports

They say that sports build character. It does a lot more!

Sports play a dual role in molding our personality in both our personal and professional life. While sports foster the spirit of unity, coping with challenges, fostering concentration levels, and developing a positive mindset in our own lives, it maps these values into our professional lives as well. Sports help instill the importance of collaboration in teams, working on ONE goal, and the ability to follow a direction.

As a student, it is essential to incorporate the habit of playing in teams. It ignites the feeling of competitiveness in their minds from the very start and prepares them to have a competitive spirit in the much needed fast-paced and dynamic corporate world.

Playing sports gives you a fundamental construct on how to work with others on a common goal. The sense of working on ONE goal prepares you to work in collaboration and helps you handle conflict resolution in the right way. Team sport also instills the feeling of unity and belonging as it conveys the message that

There is no I in the team.

It depicts that you are hunting a common goal in a pack with synchronized positive energy towards achieving the goal.

Engaging in sports develops the seed of managing team dynamics within an organization in a student’s mind. As you continue to work and grow in an organization, you start realizing the importance of working in and with a team. You cannot always be an individual contributor to a company. Therefore, understanding team dynamics will help you manage relationships and situations in teams.

Playing a sport gives you an understanding of the diversity and importance of roles that players have in a game and also leads you to discover your part in it. It also gives you a healthy mindset on how important it is to provide cover to your teammate to achieve a common goal.

One of the vital lessons that sports teach students is how to handle rejections. Playing sports right from childhood gives you the skill to handle rejection effectively and develop grit. It also enables you to develop a positive mindset while dealing with rejections so that you can learn to take every rejection as positive feedback and excel as a champion.

Participation in sports is also responsible for imparting a positive mindset onto students. Scientifically, it has been proven that when an individual plays a particular sport or works out regularly, endorphins are produced in their body, which results in maintaining the happiness quotient in their mind that ultimately leads to a positive mindset.

You can always thank a sport if you have a strong work ethic in your organization. Playing team sports instills the discipline of routine that builds up to a strong work ethic in the professional

Lastly, the most significant learning that we can get from sports is the ability to follow the directions set by the coach. You learn and acknowledge the role of the coach or mentor in your life and how you can work with them towards gaining success in life.

Sports make you ‘coachable talent’.

Therefore, I encourage every student to take up sports. Do not get intimidated by the rigor or the pace of outdoor sports. It not only enriches mind with positivity and creativity, but it also helps in building good mental health.

It is like riding a bicycle where you might fall in the beginning, but eventually, when you start learning to ride, a fear or obstacle will not hinder you in reaching towards the pinnacle of success!

Entrepreneur by profession and inspirer by passion. A life coach to help people realize their dreams.