How to derive the Purpose of Life?

Our mind reflects our thoughts and is bound to think in the direction we lead it. We often indulge ourselves in the process of thinking that we must perform our roles and responsibilities on this planet because we are here on this planet for a reason, right?

The purpose of life is to serve with purpose in every role and responsibility that one undertakes. What’s the aim of living, if you don’t have a sense guiding you?

Everyone envisions their goals for how they want to live, but if no purpose motivates you to accomplish and pursue your goals, you can never attain them.

The motive you have for your life depicts your resolve towards the reason for which something exists. To determine the purpose of your life and making it purposeful is in your hands.

Having a motive in your life enables you to be a great leader and acts as a guiding factor to contribute to the world. There are many examples like Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Barack Obama, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, who had a derivative of their purpose and are known today to be great leaders.

To derive meaning in life is not easy but also not impossible. To help you build a meaningful life and derive your goal, we have a few suggestions for you to find your purpose in your life.

When you have found the meaning of your life, you enjoy living it to the fullest. It is important to have that essence of meaning for your life to be fulfilling. We are hopeful that with the above-mentioned suggestions, you’d be able to find your purpose.



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Sidd Ahmed

Entrepreneur by profession and inspirer by passion. A life coach to help people realize their dreams.