On the Triumph of Vision

As it’s rightly said: “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it”. In my journey of entrepreneurship, leaders have taught me the importance of visualization. Vision shapes up the goals of the company, how it would stand for in the future, which is extremely crucial for success. Companies who don’t have a vision formulated, written, rehearsed, and repeated and utilized it to make their daily decisions are hurting their own growth.

There are some rules to having a vision.

A vision is not time-bound. It’s continuous, and you need to keep moving towards it. It cannot be just formulated and left. It needs to be carried forward and synthesized into a legacy; it needs to be percolated to all the levels of the organization. Every meeting, huddle or conversation should start with the Vision. All the stories need to be tied up to the Vision. That’s how it gets ingrained in the organization. It should be imprinted in a way that it holds permanence in the soul of every single employee.

At VDart, our vision is,

To touch people’s lives; to create success, wealth, and enhance the quality of life for all associated with us.

It took a long time to articulate it into words. I went through countless strategic workshops and realized the importance of having a vision, mission and core values, as it is the driving force of the organization.

As a CVO (Chief Visionary Officer) of VDart, I believe my role is to lead others, to instill the Vision and purpose in every conversation, moving a step closer and working to keep the actions in congruence with the Vision. In the early days of my career, I realized the need to create an organization that took care of the people. It was my heart’s call to create opportunities, build leaders, and enhance the quality of life. That was the brainchild behind VDart’s Vision. Every year we measure how we’ve created success, wealth and quality of life for our employees, and that acts as a dipstick measure to determine our commitment to a vision. We take pride in being people’s business-enabling technology.

On a personal front, every individual I meet or every engagement I take towards accomplishing the higher purpose of transforming the trajectories of lives is done mindfully. It was incredibly heart-warming to see students aspiring to be entrepreneurs reach out to me after my first webinar. They sought a mentor while some just expressed how my journey inspired them to hustle. All these were just a leap forward to realize the higher purpose of my life. Personal mission aligned with business keeps us motivated. The melange of which is so powerful that the pursuit never goes bland. Awareness and intention about your higher use keep you focused and enthused to thrive more each day.

It is a result of this combined effort of my organization and me that has brought us to achieve remarkable accolades in the industry and create an impact for employees and society as a whole. It doesn’t end here. Still, there is a long way to go. Right now, we are just creating ripples through pebbles, but we want to be the rock in the fort.

We are moving towards creating a legacy.

Entrepreneur by profession and inspirer by passion. A life coach to help people realize their dreams.