Revolutionizing Recruitment through Social Media

Social media has kept us connected with family and friends around the world for years. Now, various social media platforms have grown to provide companies with the ability to recruit highly qualified and experienced individuals on an entirely new level. The days of traditional recruitment including searching on job portals and reaching out to people in the network are being replaced with video-based interviews and resumes, mainly through Instagram. Let’s explore how Instagram is revolutionizing recruitment for both employers and job-seekers.


“I can find talent on Instagram!” Employers are looking for unique and passionate potential hires and Instagram is the perfect platform to do so. Especially when scouting the younger generations, candidates with a video resume on their Instagram profile in which they speak of the work they do and their capabilities are sure to stand out. Not to mention, individuals who hold a social media presence tend to be more “tech-savvy” and knowledgeable about current business trends.

“I can save money and time!” Traditional recruitment, including job fairs and physical advertisements, costs companies loads of money to produce and maintain. With the introduction of social media recruitment, companies can spend significantly less money and time on these methods and more energy on working towards hiring individuals who fit the necessary requirements in an efficient way.


“I can show companies who I truly am!” For job-seekers, a video resume is a perfect way to showcase who they are as people, what their interests are, and what their capabilities are. A company can view their accomplishments in real-time on their Instagram profile rather than reading them off of a traditional resume, making the recruiting process more personal and holistic.

“I can land an opportunity by following and interacting with the right people!” Job-seekers must use their platforms to the best of their ability in order to see results. In addition to following several companies that align with their interests, candidates must interact with those accounts.

This includes liking and commenting on a company’s posts, direct messaging them to indicate that they are interested in acquiring a job, and consistently pushing out content on their profile to show that they are involved in their field and community. By actively pursuing job opportunities and maintaining a professional profile, job-seekers using Instagram have an advantage over others.

In today’s world, a large number of recruiters are using social media platforms to hire their employees rather than traditional methods. With access to a larger pool of highly qualified candidates for companies and more opportunities for job-seekers to find the job of their dreams, both parties are encouraged and motivated to use this new form of recruitment. Through this transition from only using social media to connect with loved ones to also using the digital space to promote businesses and hire job seekers, recruitment has truly been revolutionized.

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