Self Belief: The Key to Unlocking Purpose

For every individual, a resilient belief in oneself is extremely important. Building belief in oneself is required throughout your lifetime, be it professional or personal life. It is an essential skill that is foundational to your success. A positive mindset and a strong belief in oneself is something that needs to be reaffirmed every day.

Parents play a pivotal role in instilling belief. I was fortunate enough to have my parents help me with it. My dad would call me a hero with a big, broad, contagious smile, which changed the way I saw myself. The contagiously positive attitude he had was fruitful in making me believe in myself. He ingrained a belief in me that hard work pays off.

Apart from the people you’re surrounded by, the environment around you also plays a crucial role in contributing to your belief. Although you may have intrinsic motivation and a self-driven attitude, not being in the right and the best environment will erode it. If your environment isn’t supportive of fostering this kind of belief, your focus should be directed towards changing the environment. You must work towards finding people who will help you get out of it or learn positive and healthy ways to deal with the situation. The right people will help you reposition yourself for intentional growth.

Appreciation received for your skill is a form of motivation that you can use to energize yourself to get yourself to the next level. With that motivation, you know that someone else believes in you, and that is a gift.

The power of words also has the potential to damage one’s self-belief. Just a few words can create a very detrimental impact on someone. However, one must learn to not focus on the one negative comment rather focus on the many positive ones. Our self-esteem is hit by negative people around us and the negative comments that deteriorate our belief. In these times, you need to guard yourself — focus on getting rid of every ounce of negativity that gets on to you. Whenever I’m confronted with negativity, I take a moment to think about the conversation and shake off the negative words. It became a habit. It seems relatively easy, but it isn’t. But this is a simple practice one can adopt.

Belief gets damaged by the people you surround yourself with. Suppose you’re consistently around negative people, the belief gets shaken up. You live in a toxic environment, you lose confidence and the mindset to work towards it.

An environment that doesn’t reinforce your belief damages it.

Once the negativity is eliminated or reduced, now it’s time for practicing positivity. You should work on confidence, writing down your beliefs, and telling yourself that you’ll work on it every day and reaffirm your belief, and if you’re able to break down your belief into a skill, it’s going to add up and grow daily.

To varying degrees, everybody must have encountered a situation where their self-esteem hits rock bottom. I went on to study BTech in Computer Science. I was so overwhelmed because of the academic background I came from. When I came out, I didn’t have a very good GPA and felt like I knew nothing about programming, and there it was, a huge self-doubt. However, this didn’t stop me. When I told this story in one of my guest lectures, a student expressed her gratitude as it reassured her that it’s not just about grades. There’s much more she can still do to have a successful career.

Amidst a random conversation, a friend of mine told me I had certain skills for a salesperson. That was music to my ears and indeed a game-changer in my life. This friend of mine was able to identify the skill which I wasn’t able to see in me.

Honing a talent and digging into it, you get to the next level thus opening doors to the space that you’re passionate about.

Personally, it helped me start a career. Later I was promoted as a Technical Recruiter. The switch from a sales career to technical recruiting was confusing and the next thing I know, I’m supposed to conduct interviews. I prepared myself by studying how to interview technical candidates and judge their programming skills/abilities. The next day I was there interviewing a bunch of walk-ins with my other managers. But I wouldn’t know if their answers were accurate because I lacked the knowledge of programming. Following this incident, my manager still appreciated me and told me I did a fantastic job despite the challenges. This was how my belief was challenged in professional life.

The journey that started as small as sticking flyers and pamphlets, to starting a company and taking it to reach milestones was daunting but it was the environment and the people around me who made me believe in me. Helping someone positively infuse a belief in themselves will not just help them go a long way but will also do wonders for you. I want you to think about how it is that we can help bolster somebody’s belief system.




Entrepreneur by profession and inspirer by passion. A life coach to help people realize their dreams.

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Sidd Ahmed

Sidd Ahmed

Entrepreneur by profession and inspirer by passion. A life coach to help people realize their dreams.

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